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In response to the complex requirements of domestic and international transactions and the considerable areas of law involved, our GGI member law firms amalgamate the knowledge, experience, and skills of the various disciplines necessary to successfully conclude transactions for their demanding corporate clientele. GGI member law firms are generally full service corporate law firms, which means that they aim to offer a comprehensive range of services to their clients rather than focusing on just one specific area of law. A strong local presence plus the advantage of efficient global resources enable corporate clients to enjoy swift and successful solutions.
GGI member law firms servicing private clients are knowledgeable in providing high net worth individuals with professional advice on all aspects of family law, inheritance law, taxation, wealth planning and succession related matters. Clients are assisted globally through the comprehensive knowledge in international civil law, international estate planning, wealth management and dispute resolution offered. Regardless of whether the client is in a civil law or case law jurisdiction, due to the unique multidisciplinary approach of GGI and the broad coverage of member law firms all over the world, complex problems are able to be solved.
Litigation & Dispute Resolution
As international business is by definition global, clients need to have access to experienced litigators all over the world. GGI member law firms are proven professionals in national and international court cases and many of their litigators are recognized as leaders in their specific field. Legal disputes are common place and are usually unpleasant and expensive. The required solution can often be arrived at more effectively via the option of arbitration or mediation. Our member law firms are leaders in both. They assess their clients' prospects with draft solutions in preparation aimed directly at an alternative dispute resolution, but also, if found necessary, will represent their clients in the respective court or supreme courts.
In a globally networked world, and with increasing pressure to compete, lasting success cannot be based on proven strengths alone. The ability to adapt rapidly to new circumstances and foresee the unforeseeable is becoming increasingly decisive.

Whether you're aiming to keep growing in a given area or branch out into something completely new, GGI member firm's experienced teams of consultants can help you make the right decisions in the balance between security and change, and above all implement them effectively.
Administrative & Government Affairs
Administrative Law is rapidly growing as a consequence of the increase in governmental functions. Markets and other complex forms of non-governmental administration generate enormous benefits, but also produce inefficiencies and failures, abuses of economic power and position, environmental degradation, safety hazards, economic insecurity, dependency, and other systemic ills. In response to the inadequacies of private and criminal law, legislatures have adopted extensive programs to prevent these ills.